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I’m here, I swear!

It’s been a few months, and my sewing has slowed considerably. But I DID complete a few new things in time for an early-June trip to California: A pink seersucker version (for myself this time) of Simplicity 2591, and Burda 05-2010-114 tiered mini dress.

For this dress I used a Kaffe Fasset cotton print from Mulberry Silks, that’s a small enough print with that good rose tone that seems to be good for my skin tone:

I left out the zipper but kept the buttonholes, and lengthened the front bodice piece at the top and bottom for a little more coverage.

This dress was incredibly easy to make, and with our insanely high temperatures this summer I’m hoping to make this again.

Photos of both of these projects coming soon! Off to New York this weekend.. maybe there will be some time for the fabric shops?


Simplicity 2810 double-breasted jacket!

This is a Project Runway pattern from Simplicity – this is the only view with the double-breasted look. There are always so many jackets in Burda that I think about making, but I wanted to first make a jacket from Simplicity, McCall’s, etc, so I could get the basic idea down before jumping into the world of terribly vague directions and zero diagrams.

I used basic twill from Hancock’s and cotton/poly broadcloth for the lining– it’s chocolate brown. The combo reminds me of chocolate dipped raspberries, but not as decadent.

This was also the first time I tried welt pockets. This was never something I was scared to do, but never had the patience to practice it before the pocket step came on whatever I was working on, so that’s usually why I skipped it. It went pretty smoothly, though I think I can definitely improve on the next one I try.

Project Runway directions…I can’t stand how they make you jump around between steps! The way that they separate the sections did not work for me. I was scanning four full pages each and every time I picked up the jacket to get an extra step done before heading to work.. it drove me crazy. Also, yardage requirements: I only needed 2 1/4 yard, as opposed to the 3-some that doing the math told me to buy.

The back tab:

The fit straight from the muslin was pretty good, though I added length to the body & sleeves, and took a smaller seam allowance on the upper and lower sleeves and body sides — the arms were really tight, as the pattern reviews noted.

More photos on Flickr.

Simplicity 2473 – now, with tabs!

I finished Simplicity 2473 last night and wore the dress today to a holiday lunch. I decided to go back and add tabs at the midriff – which you can see better below! Sorry for the bad photos.

I cut a straight 12 but could have taken some out of the back, sides, and princess seams. That’s ok, though! It’s comfortable, warm, and has some sort of Mad Men quality about it.

It was fun to make, but I changed a few things since I added a lining. Still getting the hang of that, as I mentioned before…

Here’s me looking a bit crazy.

Next up: A men’s cowboy shirt for a friend of mine – McCall’s 4530.

Simplicity 2473 in the works

I originally bought this dark gray wool from Hancock for the pleated 10-2009-119 Sleeveless Dress with Pleats that was reviewed on PR a few times, but I’m glad I went with this pattern instead. It’s a Project Runway pattern so that means lots of fumbling with the direction pages, but it was all super easy to put together. I added a lining, definitely not how I should have — I realize I have no idea what I’m doing in the lining department. Hopefully that will change soon – maybe after making up some patterns that actually have directions for a lining.  I’ve just got to handstitch the lining at the zip and hem it up..

But then I went on ModCloth and kept seeing all these dresses with tabs at the waist. I think I’m going to go back and add two at the sides, to fall right at the bust points.

photo from ModCloth.com

Cute, right? It just needs a little something below all the angular action at the collar.

Hopefully this will be done tonight / tomorrow in time for a holiday lunch on Thursday!

simplicity 2591: the 3.0 party dress


Here is Simplicity 2591 made up in red silk dupioni for my friend’s 30th birthday! It was a great color for her, and the silk had enough shine to make everyone notice that she was the birthday girl.

I love this pattern. It’s deceptively simple (the pieces looked so confusing to me spread out on the table) and it comes together really quickly. I was staring at it for the longest time trying to decide how to shorten the waist, and ended up winged it, but it all ended up fine in the end.

Adding a lining was pretty complicated for me, since I haven’t done that in recent history and because the pocket pieces are built into the side front pieces, but it all ended up fine – using the back pieces as templates and building them off of the front and back facing pieces.

I’m planning on making this one for myself in a cotton print – The few examples there are on PR all look different, and all very pretty.

simplicity 2614


I made this way back before XX Merge but got too distracted before finishing up taking out the basted stitches and putting on some bias tape. But here it is anyway!

This is an extremely quick and easy top to sew – didn’t take very much fabric, and no closures since the bottom and back are cut on the bias. I liked the forward shoulder detail with a little gathering up top. Made from plaid cotton shirting from gorgeous fabrics. Not loving the facing pieces, but only because I’m too lazy to tack them down.

Currently working on Simplicity 2591 in a tomato red silk dupioni from fabric.com for Christina’s birthday party (for her to wear, not me!) – mentally struggled with shortening the bodice until I gave in and took the easy-way out – hoping it fits her and doesn’t sit too low! I’m definitely going to make this for myself later on.. It’s got really pretty detailing that adds a lot to the basic shape.

memorial day sewing supplies

I stopped by JoAnn today to grab some much-needed supplies – a bobbin case, 5 Olfa blades (Quilt School 2 starts next week!), some new machine needles, etc – and decided to buy 2 patterns I’ve been on the edge about for a while. They were $1 each, so no big deal if I don’t get around to trying them for a year or two – Built By Wendy Simplicity 3692:

and BBW 3964:

There are some super cute examples around the internets that I hadn’t really looked at before. Slowly getting into the idea of these summer projects…

Does anyone out there cheat like I do when Burda puts up their next-month’s BWOF previews? I hate that I do it, but just can’t stop. June is looking promising!