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Mid-day Ebelskivers!


This is what 55 yards looks like

My week off work continues with shelf hanging, couch moving, and fabric measuring. I never knew what 55 yards looked like till I stacked it all up!

The piece on the lower left is new from Hancock – it’s silk. My first silk piece. It’s very pretty and has some darker hues in (not shown in the clip in the photo) that makes it not look so Easter-y. I’m going to think long and hard about what to do with it – and all the 53 yards left — if you have any suggestions, leave a comment!

Organizing in the Wintertime

I finally got around to doing a few things in my craft room, including:

Organizing all my Burda line drawings in a notebook!

Buying a tub for my growing fabric collection! Though this doesn’t fit everything, I’ve got a few boxes from Ikea that should cover the rest.

Hanging that framed piece of vintage fabric above the newly positioned sofa!

Still on the list:

Organize all envelope patterns and traced Burda patterns into a hanging file.

Find a frame for this great poster.

How do you keep track of what fabric is in your stash? A hard copy list, an excel file, a big huge white board to remind you every day? I’m having trouble with my half-finished messy list.. I can never remember what piece of fabric I’m referring to on paper.

BWOF 08-2009-107 trench skirt

Trench skirt! Finished! This was pretty easy but there are a lot of detailed steps that take some time. I made this in heavy cotton herringbone printed canvas from JoAnn (I think it was in the Indian Summer line) that maybe was a little TOO heavy for a wrap-skirt.. but oh well. I like how wintry it feels.

I left off the pockets, because honestly, I couldn’t figure out the directions after a few tries. Oh well! Buckle is from MJ Trim, which I saw on this site. More photos on Flickr.

mccall 5423

Whipped this sucker up today (sorry about the dirty mirror). I think this dress was the quickest pattern I’ve ever done. I didn’t do any edge finishing, and used a twin needle on the hem. One thing I’d like to change is the width of the shoulder pieces – I’m thinking about going back and adding pintucks – Or will that be too bulky? The facing pieces are interfaced, which I think I could have skipped since the interlock is already pretty hefty.

I’m planning on making a second version of this in navy interlock, cut shorter to a shirt length, and adding a ruffle around the neckline. My friend has a shirt that looks just like this with a ruffle and I love it every time I see it! I think the ruffle will also eliminate the need to wear a tank underneath. We’ll call it a “modesty ruffle.”

BWOF 04-2009-101 skirt!

I took a break from stitching in the ditch on the Quilt School 2 quilt and made BWOF 04-2009-101 in a khaki twill.

And added some detail to the hemline – a decorative stitch on my sewing machine in 9mm. Excuse the scars.

A lot of people reviewed this skirt on Pattern Review, and I followed the directions from Deb Thompson instead of trying to figure out the Burda directions. It was quick to put together, even with a lot of edge finishing and a few lines of top stitching. I also bought 1 yard of green twill for a second skirt – I might make the next one a big tighter to sit up higher, like Burda expects you to!

Now back to the ditches..

spring sewing

bwof 04-2009-122

bwof 04-2009-122

I wore my blue dress out in public and it worked really well!

My second issue of BWOF came way earlier than I expected. I have some fabric in mind for this shirt.. a big purple floral lawn print. I like the kimono-type sleeves and waist cinch instead of zipper or buttons.