Merry Christmas Stockings

Christina had the great idea to make new stockings for her & her husband. She always decorates their house for the holidays but haven’t had Christmas stockings since moving away from home. We used a pattern from Stitched in Time that’s free on the Craft blog.

We used three coordinating prints per stocking and included a layer of batting between the exterior print & lining. This bulked them up a little and made the stockings a little narrower than ideal but they’re still really cute and have space for plenty of stocking stuffers. I added a 1/4″ seam allowance to the pattern but if I were to do it over with the batting, I’d extend this to make room for some of the batting bulk.

These were super-simple to make, even with all the blanket stitch around the toe & heel patches. I think they’d look even better with some machine quilting all over.

I’m finishing a little baby blanket for my new niece and the table runner for my sister has yet to be quilted! Falling behind at the first of December!


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