The Table Runner

I have been so bad at tracking my projects, and that’s made for a very boring blog. As you can see, my main problem is taking PHOTOS! I know that’s what stopped me from posting in the first place. Promise to try harder!

This is a table runner for my sister, in my dimly lit (romantic?) dining room. I used blue shot cotton, a gold stripe for the inner border, and a neat geometric purple and white print in the center. No pattern, just figured out how long I wanted it (52″ x 16″ wide) and chopped it down from there. I’m still deciding how to quilt it — Got some suggestions in the Free Motion Quilting Class last night, but we’ll see how those pan out!

There are so many gift tutorials on all the blogs lately – I love sewmamasew’s themed groups – but I’m still having a hard time deciding what to bring to my family’s gift exchange. I do have some mitered napkins ready for the cutting mat, and I promise to take at least 1 acceptable photo in a timely manner!



2 responses to “The Table Runner

  1. where’s my shirt?

  2. I like the purple and gold combo. It’s a beautiful runner!

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