Fitting Shell: Worth the $4

McCall was having a $3.99 sale on their website so I finally bought the fitting shell that I believe is online-only. I only tissue-fitted the bodice last night, but within a few minutes I finally realized where some things go wrong in my sewing! I have sloping shoulders, which causes the extra fabric between my bust and shoulders (you can kind of see it in the shirt dress photos). Easy re-drawing of lines in two places and it fit SO MUCH BETTER! Even with just tissue paper! This one simple change, plus noting that I have a high waist and a lower apex, has made me so much more excited about trying new, fitted patterns.

Fit for Real People shows how you can take your fitting shell and create princess seams and a load more — I’m eager to take my basic shell and make something new from it. I also finally got The Sew U Guide to Making a Girl’s Best Frock, which has great ideas about changing basic dress patterns into new dresses with lots of personality. The book seemed a little light on changing for fit, so these two books work perfectly together.

We’re expecting a large shipment from in the next few days — bought 6 new patterns for SXSW & Spring wardrobes (not all to become clothing for me, but still sewing practice time for me)!


4 responses to “Fitting Shell: Worth the $4

  1. I bought that fitting pattern but the instructions got confusing for me. Another great book for both fitting and sewing instruction is the Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Sewing, any edition.

    • Yeah – I didn’t even look at their directions! I did just as Fit for Real People told me to. Reader’s Digest does have really good fitting instructions as well, but Fit for Real People goes by the fitting shell process step-by-step. You should totally fit your shell!

  2. Can you use the shell without a book? I really don’t want to pay out that much money. One of the points of sewing for me is economy, and I find that all the “extras” detract from what i save by sewing for myself.

    • Definitely – When I glanced at the instructions that came with the shell, they seemed to go step-by-step through fitting the shoulders, waist, moving the darts, etc. The book is just how I did it!

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