Burda 05-2009-126 Shirt Dress

It snowed here yesterday so I had two full days stuck at home, which never happens. I started this dress last week but was moving really slowly on it, so staying home made me face it and get it done.

I saw a similar shirt dress at the Gap last month and figured I should try this style out, but wasn’t feeling all the shades of brown and tan at the fabric store, so I got this teal stretch poplin instead.

This dress has shoulder tabs, cuffed sleeves and sleeve tabs, patch pockets with tabs that become beltloops, and back tabs for belt loops as well.

I went up to a size 40 at the hips but something happened (aka I wasn’t paying attention) and didn’t actually go to a size 40 on all the pieces.. I tissue-fit the pieces before I cut fabric, and it fit fine, so I didn’t go back and re-trace. I probably should have for a little bit of ease, but oh well.

Another thing that happened in my haste was that I cut one of the panels about 3″ too short. So, byebye 1 5/8″ hem! I did a narrow hem instead. No big deal. It’s definitely above the knees, but not too short.

My birthday is this week and if it were just a little warmer, this would be a good birthday dress! Maybe I have time before the snow melts to make another outfit — better suited to the weather.


4 responses to “Burda 05-2009-126 Shirt Dress

  1. What an adorable dress! I think the sleeves might be the cutest part. I love those buttoned sleeves I’ve been seeing popping up!

  2. Saw your review on PR. Great dress- I love the color! What a fun twist on the safari look. Great job!

  3. adorable, absolutely adorable – you have made that into a very chic safari style. I have been meaning to make up this pattern for the longest time but since I stuffed up the fit on its companion 125 I’ve been nervous getting back to it – and all those details as well as copious top stitching – very, very well done you!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog. I’ll enjoy reading about what you’re doing. Your blue dress looks exactly like the technical drawing. I love it when that happens!

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