Simplicity 2810 double-breasted jacket!

This is a Project Runway pattern from Simplicity – this is the only view with the double-breasted look. There are always so many jackets in Burda that I think about making, but I wanted to first make a jacket from Simplicity, McCall’s, etc, so I could get the basic idea down before jumping into the world of terribly vague directions and zero diagrams.

I used basic twill from Hancock’s and cotton/poly broadcloth for the lining– it’s chocolate brown. The combo reminds me of chocolate dipped raspberries, but not as decadent.

This was also the first time I tried welt pockets. This was never something I was scared to do, but never had the patience to practice it before the pocket step came on whatever I was working on, so that’s usually why I skipped it. It went pretty smoothly, though I think I can definitely improve on the next one I try.

Project Runway directions…I can’t stand how they make you jump around between steps! The way that they separate the sections did not work for me. I was scanning four full pages each and every time I picked up the jacket to get an extra step done before heading to work.. it drove me crazy. Also, yardage requirements: I only needed 2 1/4 yard, as opposed to the 3-some that doing the math told me to buy.

The back tab:

The fit straight from the muslin was pretty good, though I added length to the body & sleeves, and took a smaller seam allowance on the upper and lower sleeves and body sides — the arms were really tight, as the pattern reviews noted.

More photos on Flickr.


3 responses to “Simplicity 2810 double-breasted jacket!

  1. Cute jacket!! Your welt pockets look awesome, too!

  2. I like! I’ve also been in that hallway.

  3. So awesome! Looks great!

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