Organizing in the Wintertime

I finally got around to doing a few things in my craft room, including:

Organizing all my Burda line drawings in a notebook!

Buying a tub for my growing fabric collection! Though this doesn’t fit everything, I’ve got a few boxes from Ikea that should cover the rest.

Hanging that framed piece of vintage fabric above the newly positioned sofa!

Still on the list:

Organize all envelope patterns and traced Burda patterns into a hanging file.

Find a frame for this great poster.

How do you keep track of what fabric is in your stash? A hard copy list, an excel file, a big huge white board to remind you every day? I’m having trouble with my half-finished messy list.. I can never remember what piece of fabric I’m referring to on paper.


2 responses to “Organizing in the Wintertime

  1. hey linds,

    i read a cool article about keeping fabric swatches on a ring (martha stewart maybe), with details on the back of the swatch about the yardage/location?

  2. ohh I adore that poster!

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