BrooklynTweed’s Stilwell sweater

I finished this sweater last week – It took a good while to dry after blocking, and I kept forgetting to add buttons. But here it is! This is from BrooklynTweed’s “Made in Brooklyn” pattern book for Classic Elite. It went by pretty smoothly. The trickiest thing was reading the color chart (while in a car driving cross-country). I started over a few times, but I’m glad I did.

There are a few things about this sweater that upset me.

1- I made it a size too big. It’s too flimsy. I have no idea why I sized up. I guess I thought if it was going to be a bulky sweater, I’d want a little more ease than 2″ – but not the 6 or 7 that I ended up with!

2-For whatever reason, the underarms on this one ended up really messy. Not sure if it was my sloppy kitchener’s stitch or the fact that they tell you to wait until the entire sweater is done to sew up the underarms (I should have done them right away to minimize stretching). Since the sweater is too big, the underarms droop and you can see my messy stitches. Yuck.

What I DO love:
1-Berroco Ultra Alpaca! So soft and cozy. Light enough while still being warm since it’s half wool, too.

2-the Roll-over collar! This uses short rows to create a soft half-oval shape.

3-Placket with buttons! No wool right under your chin! Gives it a bit more detail than a standard sweater.

Overall, good pattern. I want to try a few more things from the book but not till I get Christmas shopping out of the way. Oh yeah, and that dress I’ve been meaning to make.

Stilwell on Ravelry


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