Burda 07-2009-104 Shirtdress

Pattern: BWOF 07-2009-104 made out of a bed throw from Urban Outfitters. Yeah.

I bought that sheet thing because it was something like $6 and a lot of yardage. Figured I could do something with it. And here’s..something!

This was my first time doing shirring, and it went OK. The fabric has a really loose weave, and the shirring didn’t end up as tight as I wanted it to. I used the method where you put the elastic thread in your bobbin and use a straight stitch. I will probably go back and try again, or try a different method, because I feel like I have no waist in this dress.

Otherwise, it’s super comfortable, I love the rolled-up sleeves, and the collar & collar band was very simple. Surprisingly few steps for a Burda pattern!

I’m one straight stitch & two buttons away from completing Burda 08-2009-107 – the trench skirt!


One response to “Burda 07-2009-104 Shirtdress

  1. snap! I have just finished this dress – and am half way through my second version in a softer drapier fabric – I used the zig zag method for the shirring and it gave me good control over managing the ease – bascially I could make it tighter or looser as required. I did make the welt pockets though. They are a little fiddly but I love having pockets.

    Your fabric is very chic – you made a great job of this!

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