simplicity 2591: the 3.0 party dress


Here is Simplicity 2591 made up in red silk dupioni for my friend’s 30th birthday! It was a great color for her, and the silk had enough shine to make everyone notice that she was the birthday girl.

I love this pattern. It’s deceptively simple (the pieces looked so confusing to me spread out on the table) and it comes together really quickly. I was staring at it for the longest time trying to decide how to shorten the waist, and ended up winged it, but it all ended up fine in the end.

Adding a lining was pretty complicated for me, since I haven’t done that in recent history and because the pocket pieces are built into the side front pieces, but it all ended up fine – using the back pieces as templates and building them off of the front and back facing pieces.

I’m planning on making this one for myself in a cotton print – The few examples there are on PR all look different, and all very pretty.


4 responses to “simplicity 2591: the 3.0 party dress

  1. Lovely work on the dress!

    I own that pattern and I’ve been thinking about sewing it up. Glad to hear its easier than it looks!

  2. Very n ice … flattering fit!

  3. Nice! You’re right, the shine is just enough.

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