mccall 5423

Whipped this sucker up today (sorry about the dirty mirror). I think this dress was the quickest pattern I’ve ever done. I didn’t do any edge finishing, and used a twin needle on the hem. One thing I’d like to change is the width of the shoulder pieces – I’m thinking about going back and adding pintucks – Or will that be too bulky? The facing pieces are interfaced, which I think I could have skipped since the interlock is already pretty hefty.

I’m planning on making a second version of this in navy interlock, cut shorter to a shirt length, and adding a ruffle around the neckline. My friend has a shirt that looks just like this with a ruffle and I love it every time I see it! I think the ruffle will also eliminate the need to wear a tank underneath. We’ll call it a “modesty ruffle.”


3 responses to “mccall 5423

  1. I love that dress. I’m thinking of getting this pattern. I’m a beginner, is it very difficult to sew a knit fabric? What do you mean by no edge finishing?

    The dress looks great on you!

    • Hey Melissa- Thanks! You should definitely try this as a beginner sewer. It has two facing pieces, which will give you some good practice, but no zippers or anything like that. I was afraid of knits for way too long, for no real reason. My sewing machine does a great job with them – I treat them no differently than wovens. Usually with woven cotton you have to finish the edges with an overcast stitch or something similar so the threads won’t run as you wash and wear the piece – it’s a real drag. The interlock knit has no issues like this. I’d love to see your version of this dress!!

  2. I am in such awe that you made that! I’m always saying that I could save so much money if I could figure out how to sew my own clothes – and you actually do it. Lovely!

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