hens and chicks

I finished the binding on the quilt school quilt a few days ago and here it is! A few puckers (mostly on the outer border) appeared while i was stitching in the ditch. I wish I knew how to fix these other than going back and re-basting, but I don’t think anyone will notice but me. I love the prints I used – two from Tula Pink’s Neptune, two from Arcadia.

This weekend I’m making a second BWOF 04-2009-101, this time in green. I’m stuck trying to figure out what hem detail to include (or to put some kind of design up higher around the side panels) – so it’s not done yet!

Finally got my July Burda magazine and I’m liking this dress and the shorter tunic version:


2 responses to “hens and chicks

  1. northernquilter

    LOVE the colors of your quilt! It’s beautiful, and perfect, and I don’t see any puckers!

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