onesie, twosie, threesie, foursie

IMG_0316I used more of the very hungry caterpillar print on some tiny onesies for a baby shower this weekend! It’s going to be a girl-baby, so I steered clear of the pickles & sausages, and used lollipops, pie, and ice cream. I’ll probably end up using the rest of the fabric on more onesies for random babies I meet through the years. They’re so easy to make, and they always turn out super-cute!


3 responses to “onesie, twosie, threesie, foursie

  1. What a great idea, these are really cute!

  2. These are so cute !! Do you sell these? I’ve been trying to look for TVHC onesies.

    • Hi Jess!
      I haven’t sold them, but they are very cute. Let me see if I have any of the fabric left and if you would like some, I’d be happy to make them for you!

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