The only reason I can’t seem to get going on this is because the fabric stores around here are so disorganized! I don’t know if JoAnns is like this anywhere else, or Hancock for that matter, but I can’t stand it. They never have the batting I’m looking for. I swear it’s not my lack of motivation that’s keeping this from being finished.  I just hate that the quality stores are so far from my house.

Working on this dress (the one on the model) for my friend using some heather bailey pop garden with pink around the neckline. It just needs a zipper and a hemline! I always seem to slow down when I approach the zipper!

So wish me luck..I hope to have both of these finished by the end of next week!


One response to “standstill

  1. You know you can always ask me to get you anything from up here. Even though I am awful about mailing you stuff. You should remind me to pick things up before I come home. I’ll be back sometime this summer, don’t hesitate to ask!

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