Zig-Zagging with squares

i’m working on this quilt using the zig-zag pattern (pieced without triangles!) from crazy mom quilts via the bee square blog. I’m trying to keep this as manly as possible but a few florals have found their way into the mix. all the prints have a different feel to them – and the solid gray has a looser texture than the prints. i think that makes it just as interesting as the mix of prints/colors.

oh yeah, also gouged my palm with the rotary cutter while cutting all these squares out. awesome!


3 responses to “Zig-Zagging with squares

  1. Looks good, I’m just glad you didn’t post photos of yee hand 😦

  2. I love your zig-zag quilt. I am planning on making one too, i love that I dont have to cut triangles to make one!!

  3. The zig zags were super-easy! The hardest party was figuring out how to pile the squares up so I didn’t sew them up wrong..but once I figured it out, the sewing was very quick. I will definitely use this pattern again!

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