two new quick ones

I finished a top pre-sxsw but have not yet taken pictures. hoping the weather gets nice here so I can wear it locally.

I did finish two blocks for March (I joined a 2nd quilting bee) – so here they are!

This one is for the Moody Blues bee that I’m just was a difficult one only because I kept prematurely trimming the white bits. 12.5″ was my enemy on this one.


two new blocks & a finished quilt!

I finished up my February blocks for the Mod Stash Quilt Bee, and finally got around to finishing the binding on a quilt for my friend Susan who moved far, far away a few years ago, married a great guy, and bought a HOUSE!

Liberated Churn for MSQB

first of two squares for March!

This quilt is the Kitchen Window pattern from The Practical Guide to Patchwork, written by Oh, Fransson’s Elizabeth Hartman. I’m excited to try another of the patterns now that this is in the mail.

Kitchen Window

peek of the back

I tried not to use too many coordinating fabrics. The solid rust/orange color is a Kaffe shot cotton, which I’ve been all about lately. Did a pretty large stipple/free motion that makes it look nice and wrinkly after washing, also kinda makes it hard to see the prints in these photos…

mod stash quilting bee

Been doing a couple blocks every month for the Mod Stash Quilting Bee. I’m really loving it! So much fun to just try out one block, then move onto another format.

For January – a Bento Box, and an Improv Block with yellow/black/gray/white:

The Bento block obviously isn’t cut yet. Excited to see how all of these quilts come together!
Our second for February is the most complex by far: a Liberated Churn Dash. Even the name is complicated! It doesn’t seem that hard, though… hoping to take a stab at it later this week and then start thinking about what kind of blocks I want to receive when it’s my month in April!

Almost done with a gifty quilt for a friend of mine. I’ll post photos when it’s finally done!


Mid-day Ebelskivers!

Merry Christmas Stockings

Christina had the great idea to make new stockings for her & her husband. She always decorates their house for the holidays but haven’t had Christmas stockings since moving away from home. We used a pattern from Stitched in Time that’s free on the Craft blog.

We used three coordinating prints per stocking and included a layer of batting between the exterior print & lining. This bulked them up a little and made the stockings a little narrower than ideal but they’re still really cute and have space for plenty of stocking stuffers. I added a 1/4″ seam allowance to the pattern but if I were to do it over with the batting, I’d extend this to make room for some of the batting bulk.

These were super-simple to make, even with all the blanket stitch around the toe & heel patches. I think they’d look even better with some machine quilting all over.

I’m finishing a little baby blanket for my new niece and the table runner for my sister has yet to be quilted! Falling behind at the first of December!

The Table Runner

I have been so bad at tracking my projects, and that’s made for a very boring blog. As you can see, my main problem is taking PHOTOS! I know that’s what stopped me from posting in the first place. Promise to try harder!

This is a table runner for my sister, in my dimly lit (romantic?) dining room. I used blue shot cotton, a gold stripe for the inner border, and a neat geometric purple and white print in the center. No pattern, just figured out how long I wanted it (52″ x 16″ wide) and chopped it down from there. I’m still deciding how to quilt it — Got some suggestions in the Free Motion Quilting Class last night, but we’ll see how those pan out!

There are so many gift tutorials on all the blogs lately – I love sewmamasew’s themed groups – but I’m still having a hard time deciding what to bring to my family’s gift exchange. I do have some mitered napkins ready for the cutting mat, and I promise to take at least 1 acceptable photo in a timely manner!


I’m here, I swear!

It’s been a few months, and my sewing has slowed considerably. But I DID complete a few new things in time for an early-June trip to California: A pink seersucker version (for myself this time) of Simplicity 2591, and Burda 05-2010-114 tiered mini dress.

For this dress I used a Kaffe Fasset cotton print from Mulberry Silks, that’s a small enough print with that good rose tone that seems to be good for my skin tone:

I left out the zipper but kept the buttonholes, and lengthened the front bodice piece at the top and bottom for a little more coverage.

This dress was incredibly easy to make, and with our insanely high temperatures this summer I’m hoping to make this again.

Photos of both of these projects coming soon! Off to New York this weekend.. maybe there will be some time for the fabric shops?